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I would first like to express gratitude for the attention that will be given to this document, the purpose of which is to highlight the complexity of my current situation, suggesting the eviction from my current residence by my ‘social’ landlord.

For the understanding of everyone, I have divided my discussion into several sections since each detail directly contributes to my situation. I hope to have made it as digestible and accessible as possible.

facing imminent eviction — an urgent plea for help

current situation

I have been a resident of affordable housing in the suburbs of Paris since 2021. Debilitating and persistent health challenges have been followed by financial difficulties, placing me in a critical situation where the eviction from my residence is now an imminent threat.

rental situation

My family and close circle, unable and/or unwilling to fully address the situation, the funds collected will be used to repay my rental debt and maintain my housing.

I have been contacted by a bailiff regarding a judgment scheduled for November 7, 2023 during the winter truce that could lead to eviction that could take place from March 31, 2024. I do not have enough income to afford a lawyer. I have sought assistance from ADIL 93, an organization specializing in housing law, regarding the possibilities, but no solution would legally relieve me without a substantial payment to address my debt.

My personalized housing assistance has been cut off since February 2023 and will only be reinstated (with or without retroactive payments) upon the implementation of a repayment plan with my landlord, Est Ensemble Habitat — ideally on the day of the judgment. Since then, I have been struggling to pay the full rent since June 2023 to improve my eligibility for the Solidarity Housing Fund of Seine-Saint-Denis in November 2023, which could reimburse part or all of my debt.

It is important to note that my housing is poorly insulated, making winters very expensive. The situation has been reported numerous times by tenants, but no response has been received, and nothing is currently planned to address the situation. A legal expert has informed me that no law condemns my landlord to a penalty, despite the personalized analysis of my energy situation carried out at my request by the Red Cross as part of their partnership with EDF. Legal support is necessary, and I would greatly appreciate any assistance in this regard.

Having received very little information on how the hearing will proceed and given my psychological fragility, my social worker has offered to accompany me to the hearing. I also plan to request friends to attend.

at the intersection of personal challenges — a plea for understanding and respect

social, medical, and financial situation

My rental debt currently amounts to 4900 euros, including my expenses. At this level of indebtedness, it is challenging to obtain social assistance, and the option of over-indebtedness is on the table, but I fear having to resort to that.

My social service recently urgently requested that I be put in contact with an organization for specialized social and housing support before the hearing, which could work in my favor before the judge.

Legally, the situation was difficult to anticipate on my part because my social support has been challenging and inconsistent since September 2022. The social services of my municipality and my department are difficult to reach and have relatively long response times given the prevailing precariousness in the area.

I was also not aware of the consequences related to the accumulation of my debt because I assumed that a social landlord would be able to understand my situation before initiating these procedures without notifying me.

My health situation, still undefined to this day, leads to debilitating psychosomatic pain in addition to depression. Traumatic events and individuals with abusive behavior have further complicated my journey and contributed significantly to what I am currently experiencing.

I am recognized as a disabled worker by the Departmental House of Disabled Persons and have Long-Term Assignment status from the Health Insurance, in addition to as consistent follow-ups as possible with my doctors. Despite the severity of my disability, I have not been eligible for Disability Living Allowance (AAH) and Personalized Compensation for Disability (PCH).

I also believe I experienced GHB poisoning last April at an event where someone drugged my drink. The event organizer, based in England, consistently expressed moral support, while the police, the justice system, the medico-legal unit, the associations for victims of violence I contacted, and the event venue in Paris were hostile and dismissive. The police recently informed me of the case’s closure decided by the magistrate. It is possible to appeal to access the investigation elements, but it would require having a lawyer, which I cannot afford.

privacy protection

I would have preferred not to have to make the choice to expose my privacy publicly, but in my case, this risk seems like the price to pay. I want to emphasize that sharing these intimate details is a difficult step for me, and I sincerely hope that this information will not be used against me in any context. My intention is primarily to seek community support to overcome these challenges, and I appeal to understanding and respect for my privacy.

perseverance toward an artistic future — an appeal for solidarity

professional situation

Being a graduate in Communication, Audiovisual, and Multimedia, I strive to persevere despite challenging professional experiences. I recently completed a fixed-term contract of over a year in June 2023 with an employer whom I would have liked to take to court for discrimination and harassment. Legal experts have advised me to prioritize my health since legal proceedings at the Labor Court are lengthy and emotionally taxing. I don’t believe I have the capacity to bear that additional burden.

Additionally, I work as an artist-author, providing artistic services along with producing musical stage performances. I have recently started a fixed-term contract in artistic education within the framework of extracurricular activities at a primary school. It’s an activity I pursue out of passion, and although it requires effort, it doesn’t cover all my expenses. I plan to engage in local outreach to sustain this activity.

Furthermore, my musical project was supported in 2019 by the Île-de-France region during my hospitalization for surgery and in 2022 by a platform for emerging artists. I struggle to complete it due to my situation, which gives me a sense of inadequacy, instability, invalidity, and guilt. I also receive very little support and have encountered numerous problematic situations in the context of my musical activity since 2015.

However, upon the invitation of my friend and fellow artist Neïla Czermak Ichti, I recently performed at Magasins Généraux in Pantin, an experience that allowed me to showcase and solidify my commitment to my practice. My artistic portfolio is in progress, and I aspire to qualify for intermittent employment in the performing arts to stabilize my future. It seems like a good compromise, even though I currently lack the necessary connections for it to materialize. Any networking or advice on this matter would be of great help to me.

a future of hope and community

All of this has allowed me to better understand the intention, practice, and positioning in which I aspire to evolve. It intends to operate outside the industrial norms of the music industry in France, which run counter to my approach constrained by the limits of my situation.

I spontaneously released a series of symbolic tracks for me — I take this opportunity to give space to my unreleased (extended) mixtape available on SoundCloud, the social network where I began, and soon on Bandcamp. I plan to distribute it on platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc.) despite their ethics because I would like for it to resonate with as many people as possible.

For those who wish, I invite you to support my journey by sharing this testimony and this fundraiser. I also maintain that support for my work can be provided digitally through likes, shares, and other interactions on my social networks.

It is also possible to help me meet the needs related to my work by making one-time and/or regular donations via Paypal, to purchase my singles at a free price on Bandcamp, to subscribe to my newsletter and YouTube, to attend my live performances, to stream, add my tracks to your playlists on platforms or playing them during DJ sets, and to leave me a comment below.

I remain open to communication via call, voice note or text on my phone or on Instagram, as well as by email, even though this situation has weighed heavily on me and caused me great distress for some time. Any support, advice, exchange, recommendations, and guidance are welcome. I will do my best to show gratitude, be available, and open to everyone.

I warmly thank the kindness extended to my testimony, especially to those who supported and encouraged me in this endeavor: Neïla, Sophie, Sonia, Joséphine, Ornella, and Léopold.

4478,60€ pledged towards a goal of 8950€ / 124 contributors — on march 30th (this tool is updated manually)

he amount of the pool has been updated in light of additional expenses related to maintaining my accommodation before the judgment. Thank you for your understanding.

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As card payments are taxed by the platforms, I invite those who don’t have either a Paypal or Lydia account and wish to send me a transfer to email me.

i wish us discernment, hope, and community in these calamitous times, and above all, plenty of beautiful things despite it all


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